Welcome to David Hampson's resumé of web sites

Here is a sample of various websites I have created over the years.

This is a web application I've made for Disability agencies in the State of Idaho. Try it out, it has many, many features including autogenerating reports in pdf, tracking data and user authentication.

This is a website I developed for the University of Idaho Biology Department for storing pvy virus information. Researchers around the world can analyse them for common traits and track mutations—once the researchers enter the genomic sequences.

Quick and dirty "parrallax" effect done in javascript. Utilizes an Observer design pattern

This is a website I developed for a math class I teach through Community Colleges of Spokane, but on the WSU campus.
I use jsMath.js to turn LaTeX into nicely rendered html. It works far better than MathML.

This is a website I developed for C&R inc., a developmental disabilities agency in Moscow, ID.

Alpine Club IconThis is a mirror of an old (2003) website I did for the WSU Alpine Club. At the time, transparant png images site did not render too well in IE. Alternate stylsheets never caught on either.

Some image manipulations I have done just for fun.

Technologies I have used and am familar with: