Tuesday, 09 April 2019 21:01:22

I found a HUGE section of bread with the emulsifiers and other garbage big companies add to the bread dough.

This bread obviously can last on the shelves weeks, be soft and look good, but has nothing to do with the real BREAD taste and freshness. Real bread is hard to find in the supermarket.

Every bakery chef will tell you that to bake bread you need only flour, yeast, and water. That’s what I like to call the magic of bread baking (well, of course it needs time, and a lot of work on top of that but I hope you get my point). What you definitely don’t need to bake bread though are EMULSIFIERS, ACID REGULATORIES, VEGETABLE GUM (!) nor all of the ingredients, that just make you to think that bread you are buying is fresh, healthy, soft and delicious.

Small bakeries don’t use artificial preservatives.

Again, it is a lot of hard handwork, but it is an art and an art requires sacrificing. A good sourdough loaf can easily last up to 7 days (unless is all eaten when still warm). Sourdough bread can last a week without all these horrible artificial preservatives thanks to the fermentation process that helps bread to rise. It is a process that creates a NATURAL and HEALTY preservative that makes bread easy to digest.

Shop smart and read the labels, Loaves.